Personalizing your office allows you to bring a more comfortable feel into your space, which can promote greater productivity and inspiration overall. By incorporating elements that are both organized and decorative, you can begin to feel more energized in your space, and more motivated to work! Here we’ll explore some simple tips for personalizing your office in your own unique way.

1. Make it functional

Regardless of the size of your office, there’s limited space and it’s important to maximize each area within your office without having too much clutter. While its’ best to keep your desk and floor space as clear as possible, shelves and cabinets can allow you to incorporate other materials you may need: notebooks, folders, stationery, and light storage. To uphold efficiency it’s important to ensure that everything you add into your space serves a purpose. Whether it’s an ergonomic chair that allows you to sit or stand at your workstation, a calendar, or a family photo, each element can assist you in having great work days and serve a function: physical, mental, or emotional. Another tip is incorporating plants that add color to your office while also generating oxygen and improving air quality. Routinely take inventory of what it’s in your space, and what can possibly be removed or added to support you in your day to day tasks.

2. Get Creative

Here’s where you add in a splash of personality! Your favorite artwork, a framed motivational quote, fresh flowers, your favorite mug, rugs, lamps, coat and bag hangers. Infuse your own personal style and the brand of your business into your space whether it’s youthful and full of color, or more sophisticated and minimalistic. You can also add items that are multi-use such as a basket from your travels that adds sentimental value, while also being a storage bin, or a colorful bowl that also holds small pieces of candy for clients that visit. Always look for ways to add in things that can inspire you to keep going.

3. Keep it professional

If you’re prone to having frequent guests or coworkers in your space, it’s best to be mindful that your office is a representation of not only you, but your business and brand overall.  How you personalize is up to your discretion. You can keep personal photos tasteful and possibly limit to 1-3 photos, and add in elements that represent your brand: business cards, name labels, office merch. Centering work and your workstation is most important, and everything else is an additional touch!

Since we spend so much time at work, it only makes sense that our offices feel comfortable and fitting to our personality. By personalizing your office space in ways that are functional, creative, and professional you can maintain peak performance while feeling at ease and inspired in your work and overall life.