Tired of your home setup? Don’t have the equipment necessary to record a quality show? Can’t get the right sound or look for your podcast? Don’t know how to edit your audio or video? Need all of that at affordable prices? We’re happy to announce that we have a solution for all of you through Amp Media Productions here at Capital Workspaces!

Amp Media Productions is our new media production suite dedicated to producing high-quality content, consisting of a brand new podcast studio, a post-production editing office, and a Zoom Room!

The podcast studio is outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment and soundproofed to ensure you get the best recording quality. It is set up with 4 XLR microphones (2 RODE Podmics and 2 Audio-Technica cardioid dynamic mics) all hooked up to a Rodecaster Pro mixing board, each coming with a pair of Audio-Technica headphones should you want to monitor your levels while you record.

Our post-production office comes with an HP Omen PC that gives you access to several audio and video creation software through Adobe Creative Cloud, Mixlr, Anchor, Audacity, Spreaker, and more! You can have full control of building your content, priming, and polishing as you see fit.span>

Finally, our “Zoom Room”. Digital meetings have taken on an all-new level of importance after 2020 and will surely retain that for the foreseeable future. To help address this we have set up a room specifically designed for single person interviews, conferences, and any other reason you would need a solitary digital space. It is set up with a rig to easily stream from your laptop or phone, as well as an overhead boom microphone and several adjustable rings and set lights to ensure you get the best sound and look on screen. In addition, there is a pulldown green screen backdrop that you can use to incorporate any background you choose. Get creative here! You can use this room for acting demos, comedy reels, video broadcasting, and more!

Amp Media Productions is also happy to provide a team of freelance media and content creators with various skills in the production process, ensuring that whatever project you come in with will have reliable assistance from start to finish. We have team members who specialize in podcast production & editing, hosting & interviewing, video production & editing, media consulting & advisory, news writing & journalism, and more!

This is just a glimpse of what is possible with Amp Media Productions. If you’re interested in more visit Podcast Studio – Capital Workspaces to schedule a tour and contact us to learn more about the prices of the spaces and services. You can call our director Mark McMahon at 202-866-9675 or email us at info@capitalworkspaces.com. Let’s get creating.