Holiday party fun

2022 has ended, and to show appreciation to all our members, Capital Workspaces hosted a joyful Holiday Breakfast party for members and staff. The breakfast was fun-filled and tasty and created a memorable experience. To top it all, we had an on-site omelet chef for some delicious omelets.

Member’s Holiday Party; Capital Workspaces Shows appreciation

The Member’s Appreciation Breakfast party was a delicious way to start the day! It allowed members to meet other Capital Workspaces members and enjoy some great food. This is one of the benefits of being part of this community. Capital Workspaces is a coworking space that encourages networking and community. The event was an excellent opportunity to mingle with members and staff and enjoy festive holiday treats. The breakfast was held on December 13th at Capital Workspaces’ Bethesda location; The space had plenty of room for everyone to enjoy themselves while mingling.

We had an omelet chef in the house

The party was a success! We had an omelet chef in the house who could make over 100 omelets while we were there. The photo booth was a hit with our employees and their families, as well. as well as our delicious breakfast spread. Members could enjoy eggs benedict, pancakes, croissants, and muffins while having our chef’s omelet.

A Fun time to network with other members of Capital Workspaces

The holiday party was an excellent opportunity for members to network with other members. This might have been the first time that some of our members met many people working at Capital Workspaces. Our members got to make connections and enjoy themselves in a fun environment. We also had an extensive photo booth with props that allowed people to take photos throughout the party and share them on social media. This party put our community in the joyful spirit of the holiday and brought us together.

Stay Connected For Our Next Event

This was a great time to meet up with other members of this coworking community. It was such a joy, and Capital Workspaces will host more events like this in the future so that our members can continue to get to know each other. As a coworking space, we want our members and customers to feel like they are part of a community where they can enjoy themselves while also getting work done; here at capital Workspaces we believe in the importance of work life balance. To stay up to date on Capital Workspaces’ events, subscribe to our monthly newsletter or visit our website