Recently we are all glued to our screens, following the war in Ukraine. Many of us have been wondering, how can I help Ukraine? This question has also risen within the Coworking and Business community. Without a doubt, Coworking and business communities can be powerful forces for good. In recent years, we have seen how they can come together to support causes like environmental protection and social justice. Now, they are turning their attention to the crisis in Ukraine.


Coworking spaces and business communities are using their resources to help Ukrainians in various ways all over Europe. Some are providing financial support to businesses and entrepreneurs affected by the crisis. Others are offering free or discounted office space to Ukrainian startups. And still, others are organizing events and workshops to educate Ukrainians about entrepreneurship and business opportunities. On 9 March 2022, the European Coworking Assembly hosted an international conversation about what the Coworking and broader business community can do to support Ukraine right now.


The Coworking IDEA Project is a joint initiative of the European Coworking Assembly and the Coworking Europe Foundation. Its goal is to promote the development of Coworking as a tool for social and economic innovation. The project has already organized several events in different parts of Europe, including a conference on Coworking for Social Innovation in Madrid last November and a workshop. 


So, how can the American Coworking community join in helping Ukraine? There are several ways that the Coworking community can support Ukraine. First, Coworkers can donate money to non-profit organizations helping those affected by the conflict. Several organizations collect donations for Ukraine, including UNICEF, World Vision, and Doctors Without Borders. Coworkers. Donating money is only one way Coworkers can help those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Coworkers can also organize events and raise awareness about the situation there. For example, Coworking Spaces can organize several events such as conference meetings, Workshops to keep their partners and workers aware and involved in helping with the crisis in Europe.


To answer the question of how Coworking spaces and businesses help Ukraine? Coworking can play an essential role in assisting Ukraine to recover from the conflict. Coworkers can donate to various organizations to support the relief effort. They can also organize events and raise awareness about the situation in Ukraine. By working together, we can help make a difference in the lives of the people of Ukraine.