Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft in a small garage. But how long do you think they could have run their business from that small garage? Not long after the company took off! A lot of Companies begin in a home office. Many use their home due to a lack of funds to rent their own dedicated office. You will have to eventually get your business out of the house and into an office.  

When is it Time to leave home?

Working from home can be an excellent option for startup businesses. You can save on rent, and you won’t have to worry about commuting. Yet, there are many drawbacks to working from home. You may find it harder to focus and get work done when you’re not in an office environment. Bill Gates and Paul Allen, their company, would not have had the growth it had, had they chosen to stay in the garage. It is convenient for some time but not practical in the long run. So what options are there for you? Now is the time to run your business in a professional setting!

Consider Coworking

As your business grows, the need for a bigger space will arise. Coworking spaces can be a great option. Coworking is a space where workers of different companies share an office space. Coworking allows for cost savings and convenience through the use of shared infrastructures. Coworking can be a great way to get your business in a professional setting. It’s also an opportunity to find potential clients or collaborators and get inspired. Many coworking spaces also offer amenities like meeting rooms, printers, scanners, and Wi-Fi. Coworking can make running your business from office space more accessible. 

Visit Capital Workspaces

Capital Workspaces gives your business the professional setup it needs to take off. We have a variety of coworking packages to choose from, so you can find the one that best suits your needs. If you are unsure which package is right for you, our team is happy to help! We have different offices for you to choose from according to your company’s needs. We offer interior and exterior light offices with great leasing options. 


We understand that you may need the occasional meeting, zoom meetings, and client pitch in a more professional setting. We have a conference room with a projector and a 65-inch screen. We also have a Zoom room set with the necessary equipment ready for your meetings. We save you the hassle of setting up and cleaning up before and after your session. We do it for you! We have a clean kitchen for you to store and warm up your food. At Capital workspaces, you get to set up your office and work on your terms. 


Working from home is a good option if you are okay with the distractions and drawbacks. But, if you long for a more professional setup for your business, the Capital Workspaces team is here for you!