It’s no secret that coworking is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are leaving the traditional office in favor of a more flexible work environment. But what are the productivity benefits of coworking? Are they really as good as everyone says? 


When it comes to the topic of productivity, there are a lot of misconceptions. Some people believe that working from home is more productive than working in an office, while others think coworking is the best way to get things done. 


In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the latest research on coworking and its impact on productivity. We will also discuss some of the benefits of coworking and how to find the right coworking space for you!



Coworking expands professional networks. 

Coworking is like a never-ending buffet. And what makes the concept so awesome is that you can accidentally bump into a graphic artist or sit next to the web developer you desperately needed to upgrade your website. A total of 82% of co-workers report that, since they’ve nested in a co-shared workspace, their networks have expanded significantly. 

(Source: Ergonomic Trends)



Joining a coworking space made 89% of members “happier”. 

Working from the comfort of one’s home with your favorite pajamas on can be true bliss. But let’s face it, it gets lonely and it’s not always fun. In a coworking space, you get to interact with one to four members a day, or none, depending on how your mood is. Mingling is encouraged, but not forced. Coworking facts show that 89% of independently employed people feel happier since they’ve joined this movement of utter flexibility. What is more, 83% of respondents said they feel less lonely. 

(Ergonomic Trends)



84% of coworkers are motivated and engaged.

Coworking spaces by definition are established as a productive and conducive working environment-productivity statistics show. Plus, everyone around you is genuinely there with the same mindset: to work. So it is no wonder that in addition to feeling more motivated, 69% of coworking office space inhabitants say they have acquired brand new skills. 68% claim they’ve upgraded their skills since they became part of a coworking community. 



Coworking improves employee focus. 

The coworking space business model is based on the idea of purpose with competitiveness, and the results are incredible. Coworking productivity statistics suggest shared offices make 70% of their members healthier. 64% of people sharing an office with a coworker have improved on completing their tasks on time, and 68% say they are better focused. 

But perhaps the best of all is that 60% claim they are more relaxed when they get home, which is what everyone deserves after a long day of work.




Majority is satisfied with their working spaces. 

Coworking space operators should give themselves a pat on the shoulder for doing a magnificent job. Running and managing these flexible workspaces is certainly not easy, especially for those operators who start from scratch. Thankfully, coworking stats indicate 92% of coworkers are pleased with their coworking spaces, giving operators the recognition they deserve. 




Coworking makes 55% of its members feel like they belong. 

More than half of coworkers feel they are part of something greater. Their social lives are blooming and their social networks have spread by 79%. What makes these coworking hubs so valuable is that a staggering 80% of their members say they are happy to have someone to interact with, while 54% socialize on weekends with other coworkers.

(Ergonomic Trends)


Coworking is simply a more cost-effective and organized way to work that allows you to be as productive as possible. You have access to conference rooms, a printer, high-speed Internet, and all of the collaborative resources that you can’t get from working from home. Plus, since your coworkers are in the same office space as you, there is a greater sense of community. Everyone will be helping each other get work done, rather than sitting in isolation at home.


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