Yes! You Can Safely Work From a Coworking Space

Like it or not, it appears a lot of us will be social distancing through this fall at the very least. Especially when it comes to working. A ton of companies have shut down their offices through the summer of 2021. Others have even told their employees they can work remotely forever. There’s even Stripe, which has offered to pay employees $20,000 to move anywhere. (Unfortunately, it also comes with a smaller paycheck.)

Sometimes you just need a “Work From Home” Day, not at Home

Hear us out. Sure, you might want to stay home and work to avoid catching COVID-19. The idea of a big, open indoor space isn’t at the top of our list of places we’d want to go, either. But, at Capital Workspaces, we’re offering private offices on demand. You don’t have to rent an office for a whole month anymore. What if you just need a day? Imagine what you could accomplish if one day a week you stacked all your disruption-free or full internet bandwidth tasks to one day? No worries about the kids walking in on a call or WiFi dropping because all four roommates are home streaming.

Not everyone is blessed with full-time education pods. Nor does everyone have the freedom of living alone or sacrificing one parent’s income to keep the family functioning. Working from home can be a wonderful thing. But just like with anything in life, moderation is key. Most homes weren’t designed for space to help you be your most productive at work. And that’s ok.

This is What Capital Workspaces is Doing To Keep Members Safe & Secure

At Capital Workspaces we’ve implemented cleaning protocols and policies to ensure you experience and safe and secure space. Masks are mandatory if you are accessing common areas such as the lobby, kitchen, restrooms, or hallways. If you are working in a private office, you’re more than welcome to take off your mask. Part of our cleaning protocol also includes the use of a UV light cleaning device.

We ensure that all meeting rooms are cleaned in between bookings. We’ve increased cleaning schedules for all common areas. While we don’t disinfect private offices that are rented by the month, should you be looking for a private office for the day, we do clean in between bookings for those as well.

We believe in providing service while also creating a safe space. While many other flexible workspace operators may have cut back on services and amenities, we still provide coffee and tea and access to our helpful team members. In addition to the practices mentioned above, we have access to a sanitizer, and temperature checks for guests and members upon entry.

Come Try Out Coworking at Capital Workspace And Experience What Safe & Secure Productivity Can Do For You!

You can take our word for it, but the best way to fully understand the difference between a day spent at home working in a camp, makeshift office (or worse, a couch) vs a flex workspace is to try it for yourself! We’re offering a free three-day trial on private offices — sign up here to secure your spot now! Whether you need to get out of the house because the kids are driving you crazy or you’re looking to get away from distractions such as raiding the fridge or doing laundry, we’re here to help you get productive!

Capital Workspaces has two convenient locations in Bethesda, MD, and in DC’s Spring Valley neighborhood. We offer a mix of coworking, private office, and meeting room rentals at prices that won’t break the bank. If you’re new to the world of remote work and need a place to get work done that isn’t home or a coffee shop, we’ve got you covered.